Our Difference

Single Load Private Heli, Maximum Shredding Time, Maximum Flexibility.

Come shred with us

Third Edge is not like other heli-ski companies. We like to do things a little differently so you get the ultimate experience. Both on the snow and off. Our focus is heavy on the big picture – we want you to have the BEST moments of your life.

  • Our private single load model maximizes your time on snow by minimizing waiting time and give us the option to go wherever the best shredding is on the day.
  • We keep the group sizes small –  each heli carries three guests and two guides meaning both flexibility and added safety for our guests.
  • This format enables us to maximize your trip value, ski more lines, go deeper into the mountains, and keep the guides’ focus on you.
  • Third Edge can tailor terrain choices around you, and with the single load private, we have the freedom to find your target terrain on any given day.
  • Our guides take special care to help you develop your skills to get you on the line of your dreams and back home again safely.
  • And our guides all carry cameras to capture your trophy picture!

A heli trip with Third Edge is about experiencing that moment. It’s at the bottom of the run, or the top of the run… Just being happy in the moment and the energy you feel. That’s what we want for all of our guests, that moment. On repeat.