About Us

Shredding Nothing but the Best on the Planet!

Who we are

Third Edge Heli is a crew of pow addicts from top to bottom. When you shred with this team, you are getting the industry’s absolute ringer heli guides who will take you to the stashes they would want to ride themselves. It is crucial when choosing a heli skiing experience that you roll in with the team that just won’t shred anything but the best.

Our guide staff has the depth of knowledge to put you in the right place at the right time – anywhere on the planet. Over the years, we have found that our single load private heli skiing model is the key to unlocking new boundaries, going deeper, and staying flexible enough to get you on the line of a lifetime.

We know your experience with us begins long before you ever board a flight, and so we take a high-touch approach throughout your entire trip planning process. We obsess over every detail of your vacation, from the moment you book until the moment you rebook.

Our mindset is 100% boutique, so no two trips are ever the same. At Third Edge Heli, we are not a factory op, pumping out volume cookie-cutter trips. Everything is built around you personally, both in and out of the field. It’s our bespoke approach that helps cultivate our guests’ confidence in the field so that you end up shredding and feeling like a Rockstar (and you’ll always leave with the photo content to prove it to your buddies back home). Close attention to personal aspects of your vacation leads us to cultivate life-long friendships with our guests – you are our family.

Jeff Hoke


Brad Cosgrove


Eric Layton


Lauren Georgelos


Jesse Weeks


Jed Workman


Ted Purdy


Steve Hall


Scott Newsome


Third Edge History

Founded by Greg Harms in 2015 in a desire to share his dream and his ski bum life, Third Edge Heli has carved out a niche in the heli-skiing industry by delivering above and beyond the typical heli-ski experience.

Third Edge trips are focused entirely on our guests’ experience, tailored to each individual and group’s abilities and goals. Our handpicked guide staff is the best in the business. Ringers from all corners of the planet, converging to bring our guests the warmth of friendship and the thrill of untracked lines and new explorations.

“To share my dream and my ski bum life, you know I’ve been nothing but a ski bum my whole life. To create those relationships in the mountains is something that you can never reproduce. We can make really long-lasting memories if we focus on the things that haven’t been done. And just trying to get other people stoked on life and create moments and fill them up with excitement, I think is the way to live life.”

– Greg Harms, Third Edge Heli Founder